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Corporate Headquarter Announcement 2012


International Pharmaceuticals has been in operation since 1982 - at first only in Europe for twenty years, where it had started with its own manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic. That plant was closed in 1998, due to several new law introductions. Nevertheless, it is still common to read about us as ÑI.P. CZì (CZ for Czech Republic). Whereas this may have been an appropriate name at the time, it is no longer the case today. Over the past decade our main headquarters has been in Asia. Please note that despite this fact we are not, and we never have been, affiliated with I.P. China, I.P. Poland or I.P. Sweden. Those brands are just inferior knock-offs who want to use our great name for their business.

Our product list has not changed significantly over the years, as we have always focused on the basics, such as the different Testosterone esters, Nandrolone, Boldenone, Stanozolol and Methandrostenolone. Due to the revolutionary triumphal procession of the internet at the beginning of the new millenium, the demand for more exotic products has increased over the years. This made us rethink our product list. In 2006 we therefore started with some new compounds like the innovative Testosterone/Trenbolone mix called Trenbolen Testen and the Trenbolone/Drostanolone mix called Trenbolac Drostanpro, among others. We also changed the design of the packing, containers and labels dramatically. Since then some products like our Yohimbine HCL are also offered in vacuum sealed aluminium pouches which was a world wide innovation back then as well.

There is a lot of false information floating in the internet, including the alleged bust of the International Pharmaceuticals European headquarter in 2010. It was widely rumored that this bust had completely disabled our European logistics center. Well, we are happy to tell you that our major business has been conducted flawlessly since 2010. Only a small part of the entire operation had been disabled at the time.

In the wake of the cessation of our European distribution network we want to inform you that the purchase of I.P. products in Europe from now on will solely be undertaken by electronic means such as online shops, blogspots, etc. This up-to-date way of distribution is accompanied by many benefits for you as our valued customers, such as more efficient ways to order, granting a maximum in anonymity and security and moreover economically reasonable purchase prices.

Please stay tuned as we are going to announce affiliated online shops as well as the complete product list in the near future, exclusively on